Magic. Side-by-side.

Introducing the latest essential addition to your kitchen: Thermomix Friend®. This super smart device truly is a friend to you, your kitchen and either your TM5 or TM6. It allows you to do more in less time, works seamlessly alongside your Thermomix® as you follow guided recipes created especially for parallel cooking, and gives you the freedom to be bolder with your dishes. Get ready for a whole new level of cooking.

It’s time to double wow

We’ve made creativity in the kitchen twice as nice with parallel guided cooking. Use your trusty Thermomix® and your Thermomix Friend® together to prepare delicious, sophisticated multi-course and complete meals without breaking a sweat. Thermomix Friend® is linked via Bluetooth® to your TM6, and intuitive on-screen instructions tell you exactly when to move the mixing bowls full of ingredients from one to the other. The result: everything is prepped at the right time and cooked to perfection. TM5 is easy to use with Thermomix Friend®, too – it just needs to be set manually.

More time in no time

Saving time means making things easier for you in the kitchen: while your Thermomix® is efficiently working away, you can use Thermomix Friend® to cook, simmer and stir ingredi-ents so that they’re ready to go exactly when you need them. The result: more ingredients prepped and more delicious dishes to serve at the table to your friends and family. They’ll think you’ve grown an extra pair of hands! Get ready to double the wow with half the effort.

Sharing recipes with your Thermomix Friend®

Thermomix® cooking is all about sharing the love, which is why we’ve come up with many exciting new parallel guided cooking recipes especially for you to try out with your Thermo-mix® and Thermomix Friend®. Each Thermomix® recipe that we have developed for parallel guided cooking has been optimised to take full advantage of both devices and is easy to fol-low so you’ll never miss a step. All are exclusively available on our innovative Cookidoo® plat-form – just use the filter “Thermomix Friend®” in “Additional devices” to find them.

The best outcome in the kitchen

When cooking is made easy and the result is always fantastic, that means more enjoyment for you from start to finish. Spread your prep for your Thermomix® recipes across your two bowls and two highly efficient devices working seamlessly together and be amazed at how much you can get done in the same kitchen. With Thermomix® and Thermomix Friend® in your kitchen, you’ll be 100% satisfied with the outcome – and keep coming back for more.

Enjoy your freedom

That moment when you want to quickly throw together a sauce but your Thermomix® is busy preparing something else? No more: Thermomix Friend® is always on hand to take care of the tasks that would usually have to wait. It comes with a sturdy base unit (with integrated heating system and temperature sensor), mixing bowl, measuring cup, simmering basket and robust lid – so it can handle anything you throw at it with more capacity.