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Thermomix ® is more than a kitchen appliance, it is a lifestyle. This cooking companion deserves a proper introduction, so each machine is sold directly through a live demonstration by our entrepreneurial, inspired Advisors. Building a Thermomix ® career is simple and fun, allowing you to stay connected to your community and a global network.

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“I was very fascinated by how much a Thermomix could do, I wanted to share it with others and at the  same time make extra money on it. That’s why I became a Thermomix consultant… I also enjoy going  out and meeting other amazing people with the same passion. Besides, it’s nice and practical to be  your own boss.”

- Shan Shan

“I became a Thermomix consultant because it is a fantastic product that I can vouch for… What I like best about being a Thermomix consultant is to come home to people and see their enthusiasm for Thermomix and not least meet new people with the same passion.”

- Vibeke

“I became a consultant because my friends were very curious about my TM6 when I always talked about it – why not get paid for it? …:) 

The most fun thing about being a consultant is sharing good tips and tricks with other food-loving people who have the same passion.”

- Jesper