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Sylvest & Co is the supplier and distributor of Thermomix in Denmark.We are a small, family-owned company managed by me, Camilla, my team and all our talented consultants across Denmark. My family and I have sold Thermomix kitchen appliances to commercial and domestic consumers in Denmark for almost 15 years.The company recently changed its name to Sylvest & Co, but we are still the same company with the same employees.My great passion and interest in food, health and organics are the driving force in my work. We are also a busy family with children – so when we need easy, healthy and quick food, Thermomix is my go-to friend. My Thermomix can always be found on the kitchen worktop, and I use it morning, noon and night.Thermomix is manufactured by the German-owned company Vorwerk. Vorverk have been in business for more than 130 years and launched their first Thermomix more than 50 years ago. They are known for their innovative and premium quality, and TM6, their latest Thermomix, is yet another dazzling example of this.Thermomix is for everyone! Our customers are students who only have small kitchen facilities, young, busy professionals who may only have limited time to cook, families with children with a lot of mouths to feed and seniors for whom Thermomix’s many features make cooking easier, foodies who love to experiment – and everyone else. We make our living from satisfied customers, and we are always on hand to give advice. Please feel free to contact us with anything from praise to criticism or any questions you may have. Best regards

Camilla, Sylvest & Co

Phone30 50 70 55

LOCATIONFrydenborgvej 27Q, 3400 Hillerød